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We're outside-the-box thinkers; renegades, if you will. We employ all the latest strategies, in addition to our own unique blend of internet magic to help you build a website that is not only lightning fast and favored by Google, but is also easy to be found by your clients. Because if we're honest, Google is great and all, but at the end of the day, customers, and the resulting sales are what you're after. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you crush your competition.

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We specialize in helping local businesses grow by providing responsive web design services, and search engine optimization(SEO) solutions.


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Consider carefully who you hire to implement and manage your company's SEO strategy. A successful long-term partnership is highly dependent upon a blend of compatible personalities as well as hard-work and vision. Cost effectiveness is important—but what's more important is finding a team of professionals who listen to your needs, catch your vision, and will go over-and-above to help you reach your goals. Watch a little bit about us here:

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Renegade Search SEO | Salt Lake City SEO Digital Marketing Experts

Salt Lake City SEO services are designed to secure brand validity and awareness. They also help new and existing companies with greater visibility across Google and local search results. With years of extensive industry experience, Renegade Search SEO’s digital marketing agency is committed to excellence in all SEO services. This includes social media integration, along with mobile optimization and content creation. With professional marketing gurus, social media experts, and web developers — we have the tools and expertise to take your brand to new heights. We also specialize in strategic keyword generation and placement, as well as complete SEO analysis and much more.

Why Renegade Search SEO Agency?

Renegade Search SEO is a premier digital marketing firm, we have and continue to help countless clients with search engine optimization services. This allows them to secure better leads while generating revenue and recurring web traffic. Our highly-dedicated digital marketing team always stays abreast of the latest SEO trends and developments. This allows us to offer real-time results, along with proven techniques that satisfy Google White Hat requirements. From blogging and web design to content and promotional videos, our Salt Lake City SEO agency continues to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. We also offer complimentary consultations, which are designed to put all your ideas into fruition while achieving desired goals. We are proud to offer the following digital marketing and SEO services for your convenience:

  • Website development — complete website SEO analysis and assessment. Captivating and compelling content that is easy to scan and digest. Keyword generation, social media integration, and uniformity and consistency with all website templates. Eye-catchy logos, graphics, and professional sites at cost-affordable rates.
  • Social media integration — strong profiles that effectively attract and engage new clients and customers. Ensuring a strong social media presence by promoting your products and services to core, niche or mass audiences. Timely and seamless integration with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other popular social media platforms and networks. Group creation, online reputation management and so much more.
  • Mobile optimization — we have the tools to optimize any site or blog for mobile-readiness. This allows your sites and blogs to be accessed via wireless and digital devices. Mobile friendly sites secure more visibility, along with higher placement on Google and local business search results and listings.
  • Content creation — articles, web content, CMS, marketing materials, pamphlets, disclaimers, scripts, brochures, press releases and much more. Our content specialists and editors understand the latest in keyword integration while creating captivating content that is easy to scan and digest. This keeps visitors and potential customers on your pages longer, while ensuring higher conversion rates and recurring business.
  • Promotional content — promotional videos, social media advertisements, business cards, posters, banners, fliers, and anything and everything you need to promote your business and brand to mass audiences.

Salt Lake City SEO Experts

Digital marketing continues to evolve at rapid rates. In fact, no longer are online marketing or advertising campaigns just related to content and keyword. Today’s digital marketing is a comprehensive and cohesive platform with many tools and services involved. No truer is this than when it comes to social and mobile media integration. With over a million global companies now listed on Facebook and Twitter, it is imperative for any brand to have a strong social media presence. Even with cloud-based and digital technologies swarming the market — social media pages will always be relevant in any digital marketing or SEO outreach campaign.

As your Salt Lake City SEO experts, we can propel your brand to new heights across all social media and digital networks. In fact, one consultation is all we need to turn your marketing dreams into realities. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative services, our SEO agency is heralded for meeting client needs within time and budget. In fact, we can formulate strategic digital marketing campaigns based on your exact needs and aspirations. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Cost-effective digital marketing ads, promotional videos, and social media content for all new and existing clients.
  • Keyword generation, PPC, LSI, and banner-based advertising across the Web.
  • Digital marketing services for existing brands, new brands, or companies that want to secure higher visibility and connections with new and existing customers.
  • Social media marketing, mobile marketing, online reputation management, and answering all client and customer reviews and concerns.
  • Stronger placement on Google rankings and pages, as well as industry citations, mentions, and favorable reviews and testimonials.
  • Bookmarking, link-building, and everything you need for new or existing digital marketing campaigns.

For more information on Renegade Search SEO’s digital marketing and Salt Lake City SEO services, simply contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also check out our Facebook page or our other social media presences for the latest in industry news and SEO industry market developments and trends.